About Scott Schiller

Chill with Schill.
Scott and Erika (the 'baby' sister.)
Scott and his youngest sister, Erika.



Scott has always been interested in computers, music and electronics. He blames his interest for the most part on the Commodore 64 he got at the age of six, which (apparently) he begged his parents to get for him. It was a worthwhile $500 investment on his parents' part, one that got the skills of critical thinking and analysis to a good start.


Despite the number of games packaged with the C64, Scott was always "building something ". Whether it happened to be physical and electronic or intangible and served electronically, there was always a tie between the two. Having taught himself a good amount of BASIC, Scott was most impressed early on when he found out there was a "SAVE" command. Finally, a way to avoid having to re-type everything from scratch.

Consistency and thus predictability are probably some of Scott's more prominent traits; the excitement of spontaneous outbursts is exchanged for a more relaxed, thought-out approach to life, and seems to have worked so far.

Speaking freely however, I still like to get out and do some crazy shit every once in a while.